Parks and Lawns


The Parks, Lawns, and Ballfield is chaired by Bill Mitchell. It typically meets the first Monday of the month at 7PM in the Community Center. Parkwoodiands are encouraged to join and help make the most of Parkwood’s shared park lands.

Find Your Parkland

Parkwood is proud to offer Parkwoodians over 100 acres of shared park space, including a lake, numerous ponds, greenspace, playgrounds, and hiking trails. Use the map below to discover the Parkwood park land that is closest to your home, and go get exploring!


Stewart Master Plan

In 2017, Parkwood made the decision to work with Stewart Engineering to begin work on a master plan for our neighborhood. This plan will combine the wisdom and desire of Parkwoodians, along with the years of experience of Stewart’s engineer team to create a comprehensive park plan which will unify Parkwood’s green spaces, trails, and playgrounds.

The end product from Stewart will feature a number of projects that Parkwood could choose to take on, should the neighborhood desire.

Stay up-to-date with the Stewart Master Plan here.