Committees are independent groups which oversee various aspects of community function. You do not have to be a member of the board to be on a committee, and you don’t even have to be a board member to be a chair of a committee.

Below you can see the various committees who make Parkwood a great place to live. Interested in any of them? Reach out to their chair, go to a meeting, and get ready to improve your neighborhood! Note that not all committees are open to community members.


This committee oversees the management and care of Parkwood’s only ballfield. This includes managing calendars with ball leagues during the season, overseeing care of the field, and working with the Events committee to host Parkwood’s larger events and festivals.


A subcommittee of Finances, this is a closed committee with meetings that can only be attended by board members.


The Communications Committee was formerly the Web Committee and the Newsletter Committee. They oversee all communications outreach from the HOA to the neighborhood, from the official Facebook page to signs that are designed for community events. 

Community Center

A subcommittee of the Community Events and Activities Committee, this committee oversees upkeep and rentals of the community center (located within the HOA building).


This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the best parties and festivals that Parkwood has to offer.

Community Standards

This committee upholds the portion of our bylaws responsible for keeping Parkwood beautiful as well as safe. Use this form to report a standards violation to the committee.


A closed committee which can only be joined and attended by board members.

Parks, Lawns, and Ballfield

The committee responsible for the beautification of Parkwood’s common spaces, as well as the organization and maintenance of it’s ballfield.


This committee oversees the improval, safety, and impact of Parkwood’s four playgrounds.