Status Report on Dredging the Parkwood Lake Forebay (Lotus Pond)

September 16, 2016
A delay in the availability of the dredging equipment has caused the dredging of the forebay to be pushed back several weeks to the end of October.  
Dragonfly Pond Works will use pump dredging to remove enough silt from the forebay to achieve an average water depth of 3.5 ft.  It expects to remove approximately 150 tons (175 cubic yards) of silt from the forebay.  The silt will be pumped into geotextile fabric dewatering bags located in the low area adjacent to the east edge of the forebay.  (These areas often flood during heavy rain events.)  It will be allowed to dry for about eight weeks after which time the bags will be opened and the dried silt spread on site and then stabilized with vegetation.
Dragonfly has had good results with this technique in FL. Although Dragonfly has not used this dredging technique in NC, it expects it to work well based on its performance in FL and the results that a competitor had dredging a pond in Cary NC.

A video showing the equipment in use and information on the performance specifications of the equipment can be found at